Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CPR/AED Certification

Hello there! I know, it has been a long while since I've written a new post. I can explain. I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version, but we just moved last week, it was also our three year anniversary, and to top it all off, we took a trip to Cooperstown for the weekend. (Yes, kid-free! I missed the little peanut, but it was a great getaway with the Mister.) So with everything packed into one week, AND all the prep leading up to such big events, you can understand why I went on a small hiatus. But I'm back now!

Today I took a CPR/AED course to fulfill a requirement for my other job. I make it sound like an obligation, but truly, it really is something I should know and keep with me. I have a young daughter, and god forbid...I'm not going there. Anyway, I've taken the course several times before, and I usually renew my certification every two years. This time, the course was a lot different for me. Maybe it's because I am a parent now. All I can say is that I never realized how truly important it is for someone to know CPR. Not everyone knows what an AED machine is, and that's fine, but being able to administer CPR can possibly save a life.

I honestly hope I never have to use my CPR training. Could you imagine?? The instructor had some interesting stories to tell us, and I can't imagine standing in his shoes for any of those events. If you can get CPR certified, I highly recommend doing it. If the course comes with AED training as well, I suggest that avenue as well. As an educator, at my regular job and at the gym, it's pretty much mandatory for me to have this under my belt. I have been thinking about the course and material all day long. That's how much it hit me this time around. It's a good feeling tonight, as I'm about to go to bed, that I know all my loved ones are safe and sound, and that they're healthy.