Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Only Thursday?!

I am in the midst of the longest. week. ever. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but that is really what it feels like. You know, the feeling when you're so exhausted that it almost feels like you're NOT exhausted?? Sigh. Yep. (Update: at 6:45 tonight I was practically asleep on my feet, so please disregard the above sentence about not being exhausted. ZZZZzzzz...)

My mornings have been starting at 2am, sometimes 5 (which is my usual wake up time, but preferably by an alarm clock), but today the day started at 3:30am. YES, 3:30am. Nothing can wake a person from their sleep faster than a screaming child. It is one of the worst ways to wake up, but obviously, the child is crying for a reason, so you have to feel a bit bad, right?

And so, that is how my day started. My poor little bug was crying in her crib at 2:30. Being the nice wife I am, and wanting to let my husband sleep, I took Chloe out to the couch and we settled down on some nice comfy pillows and a blanket. Do you think she fell back to sleep? One guess! If she wasn't so stinkin' cute, I may have wanted to cry or throw things. I had to kiss her little face when she lifted her head off of my chest and looked at me.

"Hi, mom mom!" she chirped, as the clock rounded 4am.
"Hi, Chloe. It's very late. Time to go to sleep." She settled her head back down and continued to be restless.

Right before 5am, I turned the alarm off on my phone, and I listened to the sound of the coffee pot turning on to brew. I listened to the drip of the liquid into the pot. I listened to the four beeps which signaled the coffee is now done.

"Cosseeeee!(coffeeeee)" she says, and jumps off the couch. Oh boy. She hightails it into my bedroom where my husband is still awake and climbs into bed with him. They snuggle with each other as I go in to get my cup of coffee. My day has now officially begun. About twenty minutes later, I walk back into the room to get a shirt, and there I see her. All her cuteness is laid out on my side of the bed; legs sprawled out, arms flung wide, and she is snoring deeply. Sigh. I smile to myself, turn around, and go back to the couch to enjoy my few minutes of silence.


  1. I guess that is why she is so cute! Perhaps you should go to bed when SHE goes to bed....but then there would never be clean clothes, dishes, or paid bills :)

  2. You are right! now that we are in our new place, she is getting adjusted to her "big girl bed." There have been fewer nights on the couch, but now her waking up comes from some new teeth coming in. Oh joy. :-) It's always something, right?