Saturday, December 31, 2016


Feet are up (okay, they're on the ground, but they're "up"), I have a delicious glass of wine, I have snacks, the little one is sleeping, and I'm watching a binge-worthy amount of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. 2016 is ending in mere hours, and I am pretty happy right now. Not to see it end, but because I'm relaxing. Yay!

These moments are few and far between, but when they happen, I LOVE THEM!!! And I don't love them because it's New Year's Eve (that has a little to do with it), but I love them because that means I am taking some time out for myself. Each night I do take an hour or so to check emails, catch up on some shows (Vanderpump Rules, anyone??), and to try and decompress. By the time I turn around, it's after 10, and my alarm will go off at 5am for work. Fun, right??? Nooooo.

This year I will make more time for myself. I will read more books and check them off my never ending book list. I will get a haircut before I look like I'm homeless. Taking a barre fusion class has been on my mind for months. I'm doing it! I'll de-stress by using my Mandala coloring books. (Don't judge till you try it. I <3 them and I <3 coloring...and they work!) My health and fitness journey is always a concern of mine. Always. I'm making it a top priority. 

Here's to 2017, the year where I think a little more about myself. Just a little. 

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