Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Right Where I Need To Be

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

"Big blop. Big blop" has been heard around here all day. My 17 month old daughter has constantly been asking for big blop. It sounds like gibberish, but to me it makes perfect sense. Big Block Singsong (See, big blop) is her new obsession. As many parents know, once your child finds something they really love, prepare to immerse yourself in it till further notice. (Frozen, anyone??)

Each morning that I am home with her, which is not often because of work, this is how we start our day. We are either watching Bubble Guppies or watching a few BBS videos. I pour myself a cup of coffee on this snow day and cue up the videos for her. YouTube has a section with 200 Big Block videos. 200?! Surely they haven't made 200 videos, but if it makes her happy to watch a few, then so be it. Any animosity I have towards the children's videos melt away when I see her laugh and start dancing. 

"Mama, blop! Blop!" she yells with delight. I watch her twirl in circles and then sway from side to side with the music. She runs over and hugs me around the knees, gently laying her head on my legs. I watch her with a smile on my face, and suddenly I love Big Block Singsong, too. Not because it is highly entertaining (okay, maybe a little), but because I may not have experienced this moment with my daughter that made my heart almost swell out of my chest. 

It's days like this that I realize how lucky I am. A lot of days are hard for me, and sometimes I struggle to find the joy. Even though the weather outside is crummy, and people are complaining about losing more vacation days, I don't even have time to think about all that. Right now I'm smoothing out my baby's hair, stroking her cheek, and listening to her giggle. I put down my coffee cup and we begin to make up silly dances in front of the TV. She motions for me to pick her up, and we continue to dance around. 

I smile happily during the 4th, 5th, and 6th time that day when she asks me for "big blop."


  1. This is absolutely yummy. I love the way you intersperse the very real feelings of a busy-stressed-teacher-mom with wonder of Big Blop happy moments. If you look forward to and keep smiling during those moments of Big Blop, you will make it through all the rest of the moments with a smile tucked safely in your heart.

  2. I think many moms can relate to this post. I know I can! My babies are now in high school and away at college. I miss these slow simple days! For me, it was the sound of "Blue's Clues" and "Spot" that I heard over and over again. And I would love to go back and enjoy that time again with them. Enjoy!