Friday, March 13, 2015

Something Quick...


I am so tired tonight, so this will be a quick post and then I'm off to bed. With any luck, I'll get to sleep in till 7am tomorrow!

Work was long and tiring today. On my way to get my daughter, I got a text from my mother in law containing some pictures. My daughter was in their kitchen and she was baking cookies. I received the cutest pictures of her mixing chocolate chip cookie batter in a bowl. The pictures were adorable, and my heart melted.

What a big girl. She is growing up before our eyes. Each day I see her, I feel she is turning more and more into a little person, and no longer a baby. She is becoming more independent, she knows what she likes and doesn't like, she laughs when something is funny, and she gives the best hugs. (<--- That's pretty much my favorite thing ever right now!) She's so silly and it makes me laugh. It's days like this, when I receive something like her cookie picture, that I want to rock her in my arms and do nothing else. I want to feel those squishy hugs filled with love. I want to sit around watching Bubble Guppies or building Lego formations. I want the rest of my day, and my worries, to leave my mind. I want it to be a very long time before she no longer wants to do these things with me. <3

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