Saturday, March 14, 2015

Short And Sweet


I really don't have a whole lot to write tonight because it has been a hellish week, and I can barely gather my thoughts, BUT, tonight I am grateful for my family and friends. 

My husband has been holding down the fort all week as I've been running around to work, my night job, tutoring, and then a seminar that took up two extra nights this week. Throw a little car trouble in there (AGAIN!), and I have a story you just can't make up. My daughter has been at my parents one day, and then my in laws the next day, just so I can go to work. All the while she is cutting some new teeth and continues to be a trooper. Such a good little love bug. <3

My parents call or text daily to check on me because they know I've been having car trouble. I'm 36 but that never gets old. Ever.

Lastly, my friends are amazing. My best friend of over twenty years had her first baby this past week. That was such a bright spot in a bleak week. I couldn't be happier for her. I have several friends who I have been texting/talking to all week that have let me vent about my car frustrations and whatever else pops up at the moment. They're understanding and I am truly blessed to have them all in my life. It's nice to know people are there when you need them.

I don't have much else to say except that life has a way of working things out. We just have to stay positive and look at everything good surrounding us. Tonight, I am grateful.


  1. Sounds like a week of mega-stress. I'm glad you have a large and strong support system in place to support your family. I suspect your parents and inlawas love every precious moment they get to spend with you little one while you work!

  2. I hope you will be able to leave this stressful week behind for a calmer one this week.

    And, yes, my parents still watch out for me and I'm nearing 40!