Monday, March 23, 2015

The Struggle Is Real!


**I apologize in advance. Too many thoughts! This post will probably be all over the place. :-)**

One of the big things I have struggled with since having my daughter is my weight. Since giving birth to C 18 months ago, my weight has fluctuated up and down. I figured this was normal, and I'm sure in some ways it probably is. But what about everyone who says, If you nurse, your stomach will become flat, or It will take a few months and then you'll be back at your pre-pregnancy weight. Hmmmmm...interesting. I'm still waiting. haha.

It's easy to get discouraged about how I look on a daily basis. We all know that some days are better than others. We feel great in certain outfits, and this boosts our self esteem and image. Then the next day, we can't fit into any clothes, jeans won't button, tops make us look frumpy, and it's all downhill from there. I'm not the only one hiding under a long sweater and a pair of leggings these days! (At least I hope I'm not!) A few weeks ago I hit rock bottom. I needed to do something about this weight. The weather was starting to get warmer (well, it tried. What happened???), and I want to be more active with my daughter, so I decided to start doing T25. If you don't know what this is, click the link now. You won't be sorry. In just a short while, T25 has given me motivation and pushed me forward.

I work out for 25 minutes a day and that's it. 25 minutes of hardcore working out with no break, but it feels amazing when I'm done! Is anyone else doing this program as well? This usually happens after my daughter goes to bed because that's my only time to accomplish this task. In all honesty, I really do enjoy the workouts. Getting motivated at night to get changed and get going is what I struggle with. Oh, and the eating. Eating right is a big problem for me. I just love food. I'm getting off the topic here. I did it for 3 weeks, and when I was going into my 4th week, I just lost it somewhere. Work got crazy, I had a bunch of late nights, and my eating was out of control. So here I am restarting week 4. It's a constant struggle, and the struggle is real!

Tomorrow night I teach my Spin class, so either way I'm getting exercise in. Hopefully in the morning I can get in a quick workout. What are the odds my daughter will let me exercise and even decide to jump around with me? :-) While reading a fellow SOLer's post last night, I came across this video. It is such a feel good video with famous dance scenes from a bunch of movies. I wish I could remember who originally linked this to their post. But, if you need a reason to smile, or just something to get you motivated to workout, this is my go-to video at the moment. I'm sure you'll be smiling as much as I was. 

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